Yes, it’s Tuesday.

I’ve been in cave so to speak of working, and mustering up the “energy” to pick up a pen write a check to the IRS…ugh.


So people have asked me about my manuscript, “Wall Street Stripper”.  As of now it is not due for publication anytime in the near future.  HOWEVER…if you have connections with any publishing house, or you are interested in more about it.  Leave me a message on this site, and someone will be in touch with you.

I had a girl come up to me last night at work asking me about when it’s coming out, etc…and I don’t think that she understands exactly how the publishing world works.  It’s a long process that one has no control of, unless you decide to self-publish, which is something I’m not considering at the moment-per the advice of my agent and other people who are familiar with the book industry.

This girl at work was relentless in asking me about the release date and I don’t think I could possibly make her understand that there’s only so much one can do to get something published.  I tried to explain that I have a lit agent, she didn’t “get” that…perhaps the language barrier was an issue with our conversation, but it was beyond frustrating and I had to excuse myself from the conversation.  She tried to compare writing to modeling…I’m still trying to figure that out…again…maybe it was the language barrier?

It’s similar to a friend of mine’s husband saying, “Why aren’t you on Law and Order?  Can’t you just sign up and be on it?”….well it doesn’t really work that way.  If it did EVERYONE and their mother would be on television…that’s what reality programming is about essentially.  “I don’t get it,” he said.  “Just do it.  Just go get a part on it.”  Again…it doesn’t work that way, I wish it did…alas it just doesn’t.  There is not a waiting list to be on television.  You need to get an agent, etc…


Slowly picking up pen….writing check…ugh…putting stamp on envelope…waiting until the last minute possible to mail that check…..bluh….

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