Just Another Day…

Don’t you just love puppy dogs?!  Aren’t they the cutest?!  Perhaps tomorrow I shall post a picture of a lady in a bikini…you’ll just have to check back then.


Someone wrote in and asked me what I do on a “day to day basis”.  Well, it’s pretty boring.  I had the day/evening off.  No I’m not constantly out in bars or whatever you may think.

My day was the perfect abnormally normal day in the life of Randi Newton.  I woke up, went to the eye doctor for the fourth time in the past 2 months and my eye infection is gone.  I waited an hour to see the Doc, and our actual visit lasted less than seven minutes.  I then walked ten blocks, ate the world’s crappiest salad at Cosi on the Upper West Side (hunger can make one do crazy things)-then I walked about 40 more blocks to my gyrotonic training session.  On my way to the restroom, I passed a man in the hallway who literally jolted back from me.  I wasn’t in any danger of running into him, but excused myself anyways and realized that the man was Ted Danson.  As I was waiting for the loo, Ted was waiting for the elevator and looking at me-not in a creepy way, but in a “Oh she’s kind of cute way.”  Or maybe it would’ve been creepy had it not been Ted Danson.  I kind of wish it rather would’ve been Ira Glass…oh well…maybe next time.  I just pretended like I didn’t notice.

I then met my friend for dinner.  I had eight sugar cookies and a water. (this is NOT a usual staple in my diet)  Then we looked for Red Bull Cola-which I couldn’t find anywhere.  Went to Starbucks, grabbed coffee for a friend, went to his office, chatted.  While there met a dog with the same name as my sister, Tipper, then went to get a massage.  I am now drinking a liter of sparkling water, and trying to tell myself that I need to stay out of drugstores for the next week because I’m afraid I’ll start buying massive amounts of half priced Easter candy.


People have been calling me “slim”, “skinny”, etc lately.  Yeah, I’ve lost weight, but was I really that fat to begin with?  Probably.

That is all.  I’m checking my DVR lineup…The Biggest Loser and Dr. Oz.  I can’t wait for Mad Men to start up again…please hurry.  So that’s pretty much it.  Tomorrow, the grocery store and a writers meeting. Woo hoo.

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