Steve Jobs…how did I not realize how much I loved you until now?

This is a video of me making a random strange man strip at karaoke.

Damn you Steve…DAMN you.  You and your super cool Apple stores.  The one close by my apartment that’s open 24 hours.  You make buying an expensive electronic device and accessory easier than buying a f’ing candy bar.  I waited in line longer at Starbucks for my drink than I did when I bought my new laptop.  You just hand your credit card to an adorable “Apple Specialist” that swipes it through a little virtual cash register on their Ipod Touch.  Today…as I strolled through Central Park, your building beckoned to me once again, and I was sucked in and purchased an overpriced sleeve for my new computer.  Damn you Jobs. DAMN YOU!  I refuse to even look at an Ipad.  I’m an electronics whore and would probably give in and buy one which is simply a jumbo Ipod Touch.  Thank the Lord I wasn’t drunk and in that store.


I had an interesting night at work.  A man came in and purchased a few bottles as I chatted him up.  He complimented my lucky horseshoe necklace.  So I gave it to him.  I was kind of sad as I handed it over, but I wanted to thank him for his time, and I wanted to let him know that I really appreciated him coming in.  My necklace (as pictured above) was a gift to myself.  Not a family heirloom, easy to replace, even though I did hate giving it away because I wear it every single day.  I’ve already ordered a new one and I hope that it brings me as much luck as the last one did.

If you work in the nightclub industry and you read this blog and take anything away from it, remember that being genuine and making a small effort can make an impression on someone and go a long way.

I’m going to attempt to figure out how to assemble my new computer sleeve.

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