My Capades and Ice Capades!

For those of you who follow Rick’s Cabaret news, the merger between RCIS and VCG Holdings is no longer taking place.


Today I had a very bizarre April Fools Day.  Last April Fools, I appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor”…so the bar of weirdness for April 1st has now been set very high.  After my random meeting today, I will only expect more obscure events to happen in years to come…but I also know that if you go looking for things like that, they don’t really happen…it has to do with synchronicity and not expecting anything out of the ordinary…if you go about it that way…you’re more apt to stumble upon magical coincidences.  Before I get into what happened TODAY…I’ll take you back a few years….

I’ve had plenty of truly odd things happen to me since I’ve been in NYC.  Most of them have been random weird celebrity encounters.  The following did NOT happen at Rick’s Cabaret, but at regular nightclubs and establishments around the city:  Having dinner across the room from Warren Beatty, while I batted my eyes at him.  He was into it…but I was TOTALLY fine that it wasn’t going to go anywhere past the restaurant.  Seeing Mariah Carey flip out and start a catfight at a swanky lounge throwing super duper expensive champagne at various people as she flailed about.  Attending David Copperfield’s birthday party years back where my girlfriends and I convinced him that we knew him.  He played along.  Meeting Jason Priestly at a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, when I was working as a Budweiser girl, thinking that there was a love connection…but alas, he was just being a charming actor who appreciated his fans.  Making out with Gene Simmons from KISS at TAO in front of the entire restaurant as they looked at me in horror while Ted Nugent sat close by…I’m sure there are more stories…but that’s another blog.

Years ago I met Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit in a recording studio where we had a “connection” (and when I say this…I mean that the “connection” lasted all of 45 minutes)  He saw me as he was freestyle rapping behind the glass, and I could’ve sworn that he was rapping about me and TO me.  Looking at me intensely.  He followed me into the bathroom and he used the urinal, and I the bathroom stall.  He asked me where I was from.  I told him Omaha, Nebraska.  He told me to make sure I didn’t leave the recording studio…I didn’t, but he eventually snuck out some back door…his assistant called me the next day and suggested we all meet up for drinks.  My usually fully charged cellular phone was dying, I was drunk at the Hudson Hotel bar and my girlfriends and I sat and watched the phone as if it were a tea kettle waiting to boil…it never rang….-well when it did, it was of course not him-the phone died…and Fred didn’t leave a message.  A few days later he was in the Post with some blonde chick at De La Guarda.  I was bummed…I thought we had this magical connection…but I have a feeling the freestyle rap “to me” was maybe similar to a form letter a guy would write to a girl, any girl to try and impress her.  It worked.  Although I never saw Fred Durst again after that, he recommended a really great CD to me that I still listen to-Massive Attack’s 100th Window.  Good stuff.  The only celebrity that would rock my world and that I would faint over, would be Ira Glass at this point, (well…maybe not FAINT…but I’d be a bit speechless and probably try and grab and kiss him)


SO….back to today…I’m at a friend’s apartment and randomly am introduced to an extremely famous olympic figure skater who has a medal (no I don’t think she had the medal with her, and I didn’t ask to see it, even though I had a bajillion questions-not to mention I’m pretty sure a Lifetime movie was made about her life…that’s AMAZING!).  Our mutual friend encouraged me to tell her about where I work.  At first she didn’t seem to “get” the concept of the whole thing.

“I do not understand…it’s a club where men strip or women, no?”

I explained that women strip there.  “You know,” I told her.  “You’re really pretty.  If you’re looking for a job you should totally stop by!”  I gave her my business card…then realized that perhaps offering a job to a prestigious medal bearing olympic athlete would’ve been taken offensively…but you know what…I’m sure it pays a heckaofalot more the Ice Capades, and would be more fun.  I mean, Danny Pintauro from “Who’s The Boss” worked at GAP.  It could be good press for her coming to Ricks.

I still haven’t heard from her…there’s always tomorrow….

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