My Heart Will Go On..with or without Red Bull…

One of my managers came up to me tonight and said:

“Lucky you didn’t work on Friday.  Red Bull had a really big party here.  There was Red Bull everywhere.” 

Would it have been THAT torturous for me?  No.  I haven’t had a Red Bull since my “ban” at work.  It was just my “go to” beverage there.

I’ve had people ask me if I secretly work for Red Bull since I blog about it frequently, and tweet about my cravings for it.  No.  I do not work for Red Bull.  I don’t even know if I like it anymore.  Yes I am aware that my obsession with talking about it is weird. 

I think a big part of me WANTING it is because I’ve been told I cannot have it., and you always want what you can’t have…right? 

Upon hearing about my “ban” at work, a bartender made a comment that I found really interesting.

“Are you choosing not to have Red Bull, or are you letting someone tell you that you can’t have it?”

Well…that was a good point.  After much deliberation and discussion, I decided that even if I wanted a Red Bull and COULD have one, I would choose not to…(and also if I did, I’d be sent home and suspended, and I wouldn’t want that).  I’ve had people offer to sneak it to me, and truth be told if I REALLY wanted to have one I could and would…but maybe I just like being told that I can’t.  How long will this ban last?  I do not know. 


Hopping from one vice to another is like switching seats on the Titanic: You’re going down no matter what.

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