Kathie Lee and Hoda…

Sometimes on a rare morning I’ll wake up early enough to catch the last hour of The Today Show, which, if you don’t know this already, is hosted by Kathie Lee and Hoda.  It’s better than SNL, yet at the same time can be a slightly disturbing way to start off one’s day.

Today Kathie Lee was not on the show, but rather Andrew Shue.  In my half-sleep-stage I watched him, Hoda, and his wife take off their shoes and compare their feet.  It was very weird and I’m not sure how I feel about that…but it was entertaining.  I guess sometimes on live television you run out of things to talk about.


The weather is simply lovely today in NYC.  I took a stroll up Central Park West to see my eye doctor for the millionth time.  It appears that there’s something still wrong with my cornea.  It doesn’t hurt.  I’m wearing my lenses, and he didn’t seem overly concerned but he’s keeping me on steroid eye drops for another month.  I asked him if I was going blind, and he said no.  Then I walked to Lululemon and bought a new bra, debated buying a camcorder at Best Buy, but instead went to Starbucks.  Other than no more Red Bull, I fear that my coffee days are coming to an end.  It makes me too jittery and anxious. 


Well…that’s my exciting day.  I’m anxiously awaiting Dateline NBC, which according to Hoda, is about popcorn tonight?  Umm….I don’t know about that.


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