Spring Forward…

Happy Daylight Savings Time.  Ugh…usually I dread the whole SPRING ahead with the clock thing, because I hate losing the hour of sleep…but after my Red Bull incident, I slept so much and at odd hours I’m almost happy about going forward an hour.


I’m a bit bummed.  There has been a lot of rain this weekend.  Also, I received a text from someone who said: “I am taking my life in a different direction.  I’m not drinking as much…” along with a few other things that has led me to believe that person no longer wants me to be a part of their personal life.  I take things such as these personally.  The WORST thing I put in my system is Red Bull, and this comment made me think that perhaps this person thinks I’m a bad influence of some sort.


It’s been nearly a year since the “Wall Street Stripper” story broke.  My life has changed a lot since then.  I went “public” with my personal life because I was hoping to break stereotypes.  That not everyone who works in the adult nightclub industry is a certain type of person, or behaves in a certain sort of way.  Sadly, I keep encountering individuals who are stuck thinking in stereotypical ways.  Will this ever stop?  I’m really not sure.  Great…I’lm probably just going to start posting music videos again until I get out of my funk.

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