Red Bull Meltdown Aftermath…

I received so many questions of my Red Bull meltdown I figured it would be a good thing to get into more detail about.

Why not Red Bull?  Sure!  Why not one, maybe two…but in my case “less than 10 more than 5…” not such a good idea.  I will not divulge the full number. 

So I’m at work, and tired, emotional (most likely from the “bull” and the crazy week I’ve had), and I go into the locker room to get some water when the chest pains begin. 

I’ve never had chest pains that have possibly felt as if I’d be having a heart attack, but my left arm did feel a bit tight, so I immediately panicked.  Was I going to have a heart attack?  Was I going to DIE at Rick’s Cabaret?  I went to the back stairwell, took some water and tissues and calmed myself down and took a several deep breaths.  Crying a bit, wearing my “uniform” a red American apparel mini dress with a garter around my leg and Polly of California Genie shoes…I had vision of passing out, being rolled off to the hospital in this outfit.  I text my manager letting him know about my Red Bull drama and he comes down and tells me about the dangers of Red Bull, how bad it is for you (in MASS quantities). I am in NO way trying to steer people away from Red Bull…I am trying to encourage that with EVERYTHING it’s good to take in moderation.  I had just gotten a little carried away for that day, was now crying, and emotional, offered some food.  My chest pains had stopped, I left the building and strolled home.

Surprisingly, to many people I’ve never indulged in drugs, such as cocaine, and other “uppers”, that I’ve had people tell me that Red Bull is similar to in certain aspects.  Drugs have always terrified me and I’ve never really had an interest to partake in them.  A close friend of mine said that a Red Bull “hangover”-well….in the capacity of how many I consumed, I’d most likely be pretty wiped out today, physically and emotionally and it was a feeling that could be comparative from coming off of a drug induced high. 


I went to Starbucks, and rather than the usual SIX shots of espresso I order daily (ahhh….now we’re seeing a caffeine pattern here I suppose) I got two decaf non-fat lattes instead and zoned out while the rain poured down outside.  I told my baristsa friend, Jim, about what happened with the bull.

“Oh that stuff is bad, I know someone who had a seizure after drinking 3 of them before a football game.” hmm…

I ordered a “green drink” and banana, chugged it, then came home and put on my pj’s.  I slept for 13 hours last night…and I’m probably going to be out early again tonight.

So my point of this blog is.  Don’t drink Red Bull in mass quantities.  Lindsay Lohan drinks it too…I wonder how much of it she can handle?

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