When an eye infection is a GOOD thing…

When is a swollen cornea GOOD?  When you’re forced to wear glasses to work, and men come out of the woodwork that have glasses fetishes!  WHO KNEW?!?! 

Now of course the downside to this as well, is being compared to a “young Sarah Palin”.

“Good God, you must’ve made a killing during the election!” a Brit said this to me the other night.  I wasn’t wearing glasses during that time, but I usually do not encounter many republicans at my workplace.  The other downside is that my eye hurts. 😦

Wearing glasses has provided me with many “secretary” “smart girl” “school teacher” “school girl” remarks. 

Using my swollen cornea proved to be a good sales pitch.  “I’d love to get lasik!” I told some men, “Some girls are saving up for boob jobs, but you don’t need boobs to SEE in life…you need EYES.”  Some men agreed with me on this, others begged me to keep the glasses and not go for the surgery.

I FINALLY get eye drops tomorrow for my poor swollen cornea.  My biggest fear as of now is that I have a date on Wednesday and I hope I’ll be able to wear my contacts then!  Unless a miracle happens and I wake up with 20/20 vision or if any Lasik company wants me to be their spokesmodel and operate on me in the next 14-24 hours.  If that’s not the case, let’s hope my date doesn’t mind “four eye’d Randi”.

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