Happy belated Birthday from Randi Newton to Ira Glass…

If ANY of you readers actually know who Ira Glass is and can prove it to me without using google, my wee little heart will soar.

If you can mention your favorite TAL segment, OTHER than THE David Sedaris one which, how can you not love?!  However  it’s the easiest one to pick…I may offer some sort of incentive or prize to those kind heated who write into this blog.

I once met a guy at work who mentioned Ira Glass and he immediately went up about 20 billion notches in my book.  I was so enamored by the fact that he knew Ira personally, not well, but still…I flipped my lid and told every co-worker the news.  Not ONE knew who Ira Glass was.

Ira.  If you are reading this.  Forgive me if it sounds obsessive or weird.  I hope you have the aboslute best birthday ever.  Come by Rick’s Cabaret, I’ll buy you a drink, and drop my top….all my treat.  I think you’d find me somewhat interesting.  I know you’re married…at least that’s the urban legend that I desperately pray is not really true, however if that’s the case, by all due respect your wife can come along.  I think you’re awesome Ira!  If you just wrote a teeny weeny comment, or contacted me via Ricks NYC.  It would be the highlight of my year, other than being on the cover of the NY Post last year.  Don’t let me down my friend…don’t let me down.



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