I was talking to a good friend of mine tonight about dating and what we would deem dealbreakers.

She dated a Polish guy who denied that the Holocaust ever happened.  She said that other than that, he seemed alright, but the fact that he didn’t believe that so many people died or that concentration camps even  existed..I’m sorry, but that’s a dealbreaker for me.  That’s just really really REALLLY messed up.  Now that I think of it…that’s not a topic that has come up in any past relationships, but they didn’t work out now did they.

I once dated a guy who refused to get a cellular phone up until 2009.  We dated from 1999-01 and it was always a huge issue getting in touch with him.  When my train would be running late, he’d get mad at me for not calling him…but in reality I couldn’t reach him unless he was sitting by his landline.

“I hate cell phones!  I’m NEVER getting one.”

Well, after he missed the birth of his niece and a phone call about a dying relative, he got one.

Another friend was involved a guy who still to this day does not have a cell phone.  It got to be too much when his ex-wife would call HER cell phone looking for him..even after they broke up.  Whenever our group of friends talk about how glad we are that they’re no longer together, the phrase, “Yeah…that loser didn’t even have a cell phone! ” comes up frequently.  It’s those little things to remind you, that help you get over an ex.

Now am I REALLY that harsh when it comes to someone not owning a cell phone?  No, maybe not, but unless you are Amish I probably wouldn’t understand why you had such an aversion to not getting one.


One of the biggest pet peeves, or dealbreakers is dating someone who thinks that they are above others.

“You’re family is not rich enough for me…so this isn’t going to get serious.”  Ummm…really?  I dropped him.  I also do not like people who are mean to waiters and waitresses and busboys, bartenders, etc…usually the way they treat those people will show how they will eventually treat you.

I’m sure I can think of plenty more…but it’s late and I’m trying to go to bed.  I just got home from work and there were so many douchebags around me that I felt like I was in a case of Summer’s Eve.  Now I’m listening to Peter Gabriel’s new CD “Scratch My Back”, and it’s really good but makes me want to slit my wrists at the same time.  I still love you Peter.

I hope you enjoy this happy unicorn picture! 🙂

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