Yes I’m Still Here…

This eye infection of mine has been going on for a little over a month now.  It leaves me with little energy to do much other than sleep and watch bad reality television (well…I’ve always indulged in that regardless of an eye infection or not).  I “see” a specialist on Monday.


I’ve been wearing my glasses non-stop for the past 4 days.  My right eye rejects my contact if I try and put one in, that’s when things flare up.  Wearing glasses in public makes me revert to feeling like I’m in grade school.  I always felt insecure in them and like such a dork.  I’m paranoid that people are staring at me.  When I had my groceries delivered today, the guy who dropped them off gave me a weird look.  Then I went out to get coffee, got some more weird looks.  So I’ve decided that people must think I’m a celebrity, or at the least moderately atrractive.  I hope that they think I’m Tina Fey, but I know they probably think I’m either Sarah Palin, or Lisa Loeb, who hasn’t had a hit since “Stay”…but she’s attractive and I’d be fine with that.

You can follow me on twitter here:

although I haven’t posted much on there lately…perhaps I will soon.

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