Video Blog!

It has been exactly a year since the media blitz I experienced for being the “Wall Street Stripper”.  I was interviewed by RT (Russian TV) the other day…I guess the news of my interesting story finally made it’s way to the country formerly known as the USSR.

My life has changed tremendously since this time last year in a very good way.  More news and announcements coming soon.  Here’s a video for your viewing enjoyment!

Adventures In Farmville…

Whenever I tell people that I’m from Nebraska, the same questions come up:

“Are you from a farm?”

“Are your parents farmers?”

Up until a few days ago I would’ve responded with a resounding NO.  Then I discovered that my mother has developed an obsession with Farmville on Facebook.  So, she is essentially a cyber farmer. 

“I have cows to take care of, give me a minute…I’m harvesting my crops Randi, they will die if I don’t!  Leave me alone!”

According to my dad, my mother spends at least 30-45 minutes a day, if not longer, playing on her computer farm.  When I ask her about this virtual land she is consumed with, she grows a bit defensive.  She even mentioned that her niece, my eleven year old cousin, wasn’t a very consistent player.  I told her that it’s probably because she’s busy doing things that are real and not fake computer farms.  When I told her that there were such things as Farmville “cheats”, her face lit up a little.


I know at least three people having babies right now.  One of them being my sister.  For some reason, she and my mother are obsessed with baby bath towels.  We went to Babies R’ US, and it was overwhelming to me.  I had no idea that there were so many things for babies…so many different options.  That stuff isn’t cheap either.  I had a friend who once almost purchased a Gucci stroller for well over a thousand dollars.  Shouldn’t that money go to the kid’s college fund?  Forgive me if I sound ignorant, but I don’t have any children…maybe I’ll learn from some of my friends who are giving birth this year.

Maybe I’ll just get a puppy instead of having a kid…hell…maybe I’ll just start playing Farmville.  My mother has told me that there are numerous opportunities to take care of animals and stuff on that magical cyber farm.


Envy.  Who doesn’t have it?  I believe it to be a kinder and more gentler form of jealously.  Or maybe it’s all the same and envy is just a better way of saying that you’re jealous?  That’s something to think about I suppose.


The other night I was walking by a slew of crappy hotel bars, not fancy ones, but in the late thirties in midtown there’s a “tourist trap row” of them.  Signs that boast “Wine $3.00!” granted, the wine probably comes in a box, but I found myself getting angry that I couldn’t go in and throw back a few.  Then I found myself thinking back to the conversation I had with the bartender at work about CHOOSING to not drink something (which was Red Bull in that case).  I realized that if I was going to have a glass of wine, that it wouldn’t be the kind that was $3.00, but something of a higher quality.


As you may have come to find, I have issues consuming certain things in excess.  I envy people who can easily go out and get sloshed, not gain any weight, wake up without hangovers, and do it two or three times a week.  I also envy those women who can put away a whole pizza like it’s nobody’s business and still maintain a perfect figure.  I envy those who can drink Red Bull excessively with alcohol and live to tell and actually remember that they didn’t make asses out of themselves.

I guess I’ve come to realize that everything is okay in moderation, and it’s okay if sometimes you know that maybe certain things cannot be had moderately at all…and I’m okay with that.  It doesn’t mean I still have a little bit of envy though…but I mean that in the softest kindest way.


I talked to my ex-boyfriend the other night from 15 years ago.  God, I’m getting old.  Think back to how different YOU were 15 years ago.  Trippy.  He and I spoke on the phone for the first time in about five years, and there wasn’t a lot to say.  Of course I remembered some bad moments that we had…but I’ve let go of that anger towards him.  Life is too short.  I don’t think I’m holding grudges towards anyone at the moment…well….I can think of a particular individual…but that’ll pass soon enough.

My Heart Will Go On..with or without Red Bull…

One of my managers came up to me tonight and said:

“Lucky you didn’t work on Friday.  Red Bull had a really big party here.  There was Red Bull everywhere.” 

Would it have been THAT torturous for me?  No.  I haven’t had a Red Bull since my “ban” at work.  It was just my “go to” beverage there.

I’ve had people ask me if I secretly work for Red Bull since I blog about it frequently, and tweet about my cravings for it.  No.  I do not work for Red Bull.  I don’t even know if I like it anymore.  Yes I am aware that my obsession with talking about it is weird. 

I think a big part of me WANTING it is because I’ve been told I cannot have it., and you always want what you can’t have…right? 

Upon hearing about my “ban” at work, a bartender made a comment that I found really interesting.

“Are you choosing not to have Red Bull, or are you letting someone tell you that you can’t have it?”

Well…that was a good point.  After much deliberation and discussion, I decided that even if I wanted a Red Bull and COULD have one, I would choose not to…(and also if I did, I’d be sent home and suspended, and I wouldn’t want that).  I’ve had people offer to sneak it to me, and truth be told if I REALLY wanted to have one I could and would…but maybe I just like being told that I can’t.  How long will this ban last?  I do not know. 


Hopping from one vice to another is like switching seats on the Titanic: You’re going down no matter what.

Kathie Lee and Hoda…

Sometimes on a rare morning I’ll wake up early enough to catch the last hour of The Today Show, which, if you don’t know this already, is hosted by Kathie Lee and Hoda.  It’s better than SNL, yet at the same time can be a slightly disturbing way to start off one’s day.

Today Kathie Lee was not on the show, but rather Andrew Shue.  In my half-sleep-stage I watched him, Hoda, and his wife take off their shoes and compare their feet.  It was very weird and I’m not sure how I feel about that…but it was entertaining.  I guess sometimes on live television you run out of things to talk about.


The weather is simply lovely today in NYC.  I took a stroll up Central Park West to see my eye doctor for the millionth time.  It appears that there’s something still wrong with my cornea.  It doesn’t hurt.  I’m wearing my lenses, and he didn’t seem overly concerned but he’s keeping me on steroid eye drops for another month.  I asked him if I was going blind, and he said no.  Then I walked to Lululemon and bought a new bra, debated buying a camcorder at Best Buy, but instead went to Starbucks.  Other than no more Red Bull, I fear that my coffee days are coming to an end.  It makes me too jittery and anxious. 


Well…that’s my exciting day.  I’m anxiously awaiting Dateline NBC, which according to Hoda, is about popcorn tonight?  Umm….I don’t know about that.



I’m in a Zero 7 kind of mood.  I’ve been listening to “Simple Things” a lot lately.  The video below is kind of busted and just shows someone’s yard.  But this is one of my favorite songs.

I am officially banned from Red Bull while at work.  I am happy about this.  My habit had gotten a bit out of control.  I’m lucky to have such a great support group at work of people who help me stay out of trouble.

I get to see my family next week!!!  I’m so excited!  I also get to see one of my best friend’s from college.  I need a little rest and relaxation.  Things in my world have been testing lately.  I’m good though.  Life wouldn’t be interesting without it’s ups and downs.


Spring Forward…

Happy Daylight Savings Time.  Ugh…usually I dread the whole SPRING ahead with the clock thing, because I hate losing the hour of sleep…but after my Red Bull incident, I slept so much and at odd hours I’m almost happy about going forward an hour.


I’m a bit bummed.  There has been a lot of rain this weekend.  Also, I received a text from someone who said: “I am taking my life in a different direction.  I’m not drinking as much…” along with a few other things that has led me to believe that person no longer wants me to be a part of their personal life.  I take things such as these personally.  The WORST thing I put in my system is Red Bull, and this comment made me think that perhaps this person thinks I’m a bad influence of some sort.


It’s been nearly a year since the “Wall Street Stripper” story broke.  My life has changed a lot since then.  I went “public” with my personal life because I was hoping to break stereotypes.  That not everyone who works in the adult nightclub industry is a certain type of person, or behaves in a certain sort of way.  Sadly, I keep encountering individuals who are stuck thinking in stereotypical ways.  Will this ever stop?  I’m really not sure.  Great…I’lm probably just going to start posting music videos again until I get out of my funk.

Red Bull Meltdown Aftermath…

I received so many questions of my Red Bull meltdown I figured it would be a good thing to get into more detail about.

Why not Red Bull?  Sure!  Why not one, maybe two…but in my case “less than 10 more than 5…” not such a good idea.  I will not divulge the full number. 

So I’m at work, and tired, emotional (most likely from the “bull” and the crazy week I’ve had), and I go into the locker room to get some water when the chest pains begin. 

I’ve never had chest pains that have possibly felt as if I’d be having a heart attack, but my left arm did feel a bit tight, so I immediately panicked.  Was I going to have a heart attack?  Was I going to DIE at Rick’s Cabaret?  I went to the back stairwell, took some water and tissues and calmed myself down and took a several deep breaths.  Crying a bit, wearing my “uniform” a red American apparel mini dress with a garter around my leg and Polly of California Genie shoes…I had vision of passing out, being rolled off to the hospital in this outfit.  I text my manager letting him know about my Red Bull drama and he comes down and tells me about the dangers of Red Bull, how bad it is for you (in MASS quantities). I am in NO way trying to steer people away from Red Bull…I am trying to encourage that with EVERYTHING it’s good to take in moderation.  I had just gotten a little carried away for that day, was now crying, and emotional, offered some food.  My chest pains had stopped, I left the building and strolled home.

Surprisingly, to many people I’ve never indulged in drugs, such as cocaine, and other “uppers”, that I’ve had people tell me that Red Bull is similar to in certain aspects.  Drugs have always terrified me and I’ve never really had an interest to partake in them.  A close friend of mine said that a Red Bull “hangover”-well….in the capacity of how many I consumed, I’d most likely be pretty wiped out today, physically and emotionally and it was a feeling that could be comparative from coming off of a drug induced high. 


I went to Starbucks, and rather than the usual SIX shots of espresso I order daily (ahhh….now we’re seeing a caffeine pattern here I suppose) I got two decaf non-fat lattes instead and zoned out while the rain poured down outside.  I told my baristsa friend, Jim, about what happened with the bull.

“Oh that stuff is bad, I know someone who had a seizure after drinking 3 of them before a football game.” hmm…

I ordered a “green drink” and banana, chugged it, then came home and put on my pj’s.  I slept for 13 hours last night…and I’m probably going to be out early again tonight.

So my point of this blog is.  Don’t drink Red Bull in mass quantities.  Lindsay Lohan drinks it too…I wonder how much of it she can handle?

Red Bull Intervention…

Well it finally happened.  I had so much Red Bull at work that there was a bit of an intervention and I was given a talking to about how bad it is for one in mass quantities.  I have never been so tired, yet not at the same time.  I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I read somewhere that it would take 50 Red Bulls to kill someone my height and weight.  I had less than ten but more than five.  Which is just too much.


I want to get another tattoo.  The only problem is, that I don’t know what of, which means that I shouldn’t get one at all.  I thought about the first one for 15 years before I got it…I like it because I forget I have it.  I also like that people only know about it, if I tell them where it is.  It’s in such plain sight to a certain degree, but only if you know where to look.  I think it suits me and I love it. 🙂 Insert plug here for Friday Jones the tattoo artist.


Today was a special day, but I had entirely way too much Red Bull to fully appreciate it.  A lot to be thankful for, but always another hurdle to overcome.

This is a picture of a little baby made completely of chocolate.  I don’t think I could EVER eat something that looked like this.  That’s not why I posted it though.

Tip of the Day…

Buy stock in Ricks.

symbol RICK

Buy lots of it.  It’s good for you.

There are currently 18 locations (yes there’s one in MN as you can see from the pic I posted above…I was in too much of a hurry to find a plain logo.)

That is all for today…at least for now.