Deep Thoughts…

I was thinking about child actors two days ago, then I heard that Andrew Koenig, “Boner” from “Growing Pains” was missing…and then was found dead.  I never knew him personally, but I know a handful of relatively well known actors…all in various stages of fame-some of them thriving and riding the wave, kicking ass, and it’s awesome and I’m happy for them…some of them now in hiding and it’s worrisome.  Fame is a really weird thing.  I’ve had maybe 20 minutes of it, an extra five minutes to the 15 that Andy Warhol predicted that anyone would have, for really weird reasons…like going on the Ricki Lake Show twice, being on Elimidate, then The New York Post and O’Reilly Factor.    It’s not like I did anything overwhelming or notable,  I’ve just done some really interesting things I suppose, but for a moment of time I felt like I was in the spotlight.  Then the spotlight went off-or dimmed a bit-my first thought was, “Okay…I’ve done all of this press…NOW what?”  My book deal has been stalled, it’s a little depressing.  I’ve dealt with some interesting demons and I’m far from well known.  Point being: I cannot even imagine what it must be like to have a “15 minutes” of fame at a very young age, then to deal with the after effects.  Like what it would be like to play “Annie” on broadway, then to “grow out” of the part.  If anything I learned from my brief moment of time, that I looked really bad on camera, so I lost a ton of weight 😉

When I was home for the holidays, my sister and I watched a bunch of really cheesy movies, then I proceeded to look up the child actors from them on Facebook and attempt to “friend” them.  They ignored my request.  Then we found this website.  

Mr. Belding can call you for your birthday!  Awesome.

Also, to the recent “haters”, blogs are self-indulgent.  That’s why people have them. 

My eye is still bothering me, and there’s yet again MORE snow falling in NYC…lovely.  These are the moments where Hollywood calls my name….(Weather wise at least…) 

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