Ay ay ay…eye eye eye…

Thanks out there to all of you new readers…AND old ones alike.  A special super duper thanks to Jose Mangin of Octane for giving me a totally awesome tour of Sirius/XM studios today.  He was a gracious host and allowed me to plug both Rick’s Cabaret and my blog…woo hoo!


I fear that I have developed some sort of mysterious allergic reaction in my right eyeball.  I saw a doctor on Monday, he gave me some expensive eye drops that seemed to be working just fine….then tonight while I was trying to enjoy a Broadway show, I guess my eye decided that it no longer wanted the drops to work…I’m back at square one and in lots of pain.  Ugh…going back to doctor in the am.  Maybe I can sleep it off…let’s hope.  I’m not comfortable and I look like a total dweebo in my glasses which I fear wearing in public.


Oh man…what else is there to say at the moment.  My eye is on fire.  If you’ve ever had an eye infection it’s pretty un-nerving and can drive one insane. Stick with my blog people…I’ll post some hot half dressed women up on here later this week.

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