Oh my eyes…my eyes….!

I don’t know why the fact that I have an eye infection made me think of a Roy Lichtenstein print.  Maybe it’s the fact that most of the women in them are crying and all teared up, and right now my eyeball feels as if it’s on fire…ouch.  This woman displayed just fit my current state of mind.  She’s not crying, but certainly seems to be agonizing about something.  In my case.  It’s my stupid eyeball.  First it was the left, then the right, now it seems to be parlaying back over to left again.

NO…it is NOT contagious.  I have thrown out mascara, my contact lenses and cases.  It will magically disappear for a few days, then resurface hopping from eye to eye.  Despite the fact I’m using “the best” over the counter remedy from my pharmacist…it’s not enough.  I can’t even use Latisse right now…oh the agony!  My eyelashes are becoming shorter and shorter.. 😦 

Having eyeball issues can drive one crazy, the pain was so great I did not work most of last week.  Thankfully I go to the Doctor in the AM.  Hopefully my inflamed eyes can be tamed by some hardcore eye drops and maybe he’ll throw in some anxiety meds as well. Yay! 🙂

I take my vision for granted when stuff like this happens. Ugh.


More of fun blogs soon…and less of ones dealing with medical issues.  While I’m on the topic though…what’s the best kind of sleeping aid to use out there?  That’s “non-addictive”? (in reality I don’t believe that sleeping aids are NON addictive)  how can one not come to rely on popping a chill pill before they go to bed each night.  I’ve heard too many horror stories to even consider taking Ambien.  I don’t know much about Lunesta.  I have heard that Ambien CR is equivalent to taking addictive benzos.  Any feedback or thoughts on THAT.  The main sleeping ingredient in NyQuil,Benadryl, and all over the counter sleeping aids makes me crazy, I’ve developed a weird allergy to it over the years.  I just wish I could do a shot o’ Jack and pass out…but that’s not a good idea either.  Your thoughts on sleeping aids appreciated 🙂


As I write this, I must admit I caved and I’m not giving up Red Bull as I had promised myself I would for Lent. 

“You don’t really do ANYTHING bad enough to give up…just have a F’ing Red Bull!!!!”

So I did.  I had five, or six…maybe THAT’S why I need to know about sleeping aids.

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