Aloha…Mahalo…Domo Arigato…

SO…I have decided that I will now go to Hawaii!

It costs the same as Dubai-(I’m stuck with the ticket credit.)

The flight is just as long…who knew!?

I don’t need a passport.

I can use my cell phone.

I will be going in June to celebrate my anniversary of becoming an awesomer person.  I am going to stay at the Grand Waliea-it’s Oprah’s favorite place-and I’ve stayed there before, it’s really a magical resort with fabulous smelling shampoo and conditioner and really yummy flavored fruit water.  THANKFULLY I got my money back from the f’ing Atlantis hotel.

June just can’t come soon enough.  Today is one of those days where I really need to get an artificial light machine or go to a tanning salon. 

This message may appear cryptic unless you know me well:

This winter feels a little more colder, darker than the past few, but the light brightly shines at the end of the tunnel.  It’s still an adjustment every day, but I’m not going to say “F” it and go back on a high carb diet, if you know what I mean.

That is it. Aloha.

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