I Can Be!

So here’s an interesting tidbit…at least I think so.

There was a vote on www.barbie.com for girls to choose her next career.  Barbie has had 125 careers…WOW.  You go girl.  The results are in and the “Girls Vote”-tallied up to Barbie being a news anchor.  The “Popular Vote”-tallied up to Barbie being a computer engineer.

I have not thoroughly researched Barbie’s other career choices, but I highly doubt that she was ever an exotic dancer.  One reason I did enjoy stripping was because I felt kind of like a Barbie doll, being able to wear wild leopard print and gold lame dresses, fake eyelashes, and big hot rolled hair and fun makeup.  Isn’t Barbie kind of all about looking a little vampy and sexy?  I mean just go to the website, a lot of her work wear looks a little similar to something I’d wear to my “office” on Halloween.

With that said.  Congrats on the new job Barbie.  You know where to go if it doesn’t work out 😉


I have been extremely bored this week.  I changed my work schedule up a bit.  I’ve been lucky to spend some time at home alone, and other than doing tasks such as cleaning my apartment, laundry, sneaking mini bottles of vodka to my baristas in exchange for coffee, and spend three hours of my life watching “Watchmen” that I’ll never get back (there were good moments, don’t get me wrong, but some of the film…not so much). 

I have been bored this week.  Restless and confused.  Which a friend pointed out to me that boredom is not really discontent with nothing to do, but it’s really depression.  Ugh.  Can you be depressed and not know about it?  Maybe?  Maybe I am.  I’m typically a cheerful person…I think there’s something going around.  It’s the beginning of Lent, people are giving up vices which is hard (Red Bull for me).  Maybe everyone in general is depressed.

That is everyone but Barbie who must be thrilled about her new job as a Newsanchor and/or Computer Engineer.  She’s too busy to ever become bored and depressed.

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