Okay…now it’s a blizzard.

The blizzard of 2010 is happening now and NOT last week as it was supposed to.  It’s been snowing all day and it’s cold.  This weather makes me cranky and not want to leave my house.

Could have Seasonal Affective Disorder?  Should I just up and move to Florida or back to Los Angeles?  Maybe I’ll get one of those light box thingy’s.


I’ve decided to give up Red Bull for Lent.  EVERYONE is happy about this.  I have a taurine problem and was actually cut off from Rockstar Energy Drink from my friend when I was in Vegas.

“I think you need to stop drinking those.” she said, very carefully, afraid that she would piss me off.  I wasn’t mad, I laughed. 

So I am drinking my first of the last Red Bull’s before Lent begins.  I’m not Catholic, but I still wanna show my appreciation to the Big Guy upstairs.

I think this all for today.

Working on new manuscript…details to be launched soon.

I have stumbled upon “De-motivational posters”…It will make this blog more fun for us all.

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