It’s Friday, and I’ve barely a thing to say…at least anything exciting…

Happy Friday.  Another fabulous pic from mala above.

I worked last night.  I usually do not work on Thursdays.  The man who had offered to pay me in gold was back, however I did not get a chance to talk to him.  I was curious as to whether or not he brought in some coins….argggh priate man!  Ahoy matey!


Not much to say for the time being.  All is well…I’m happy.  I heard from an old friend the other day.  I hope that we can catch up.  I do not know if he reads this blog or not.  If you do, the olive branch is extended once again.  Life is short.  I hope you take it.


I’ll try and write more later on, when I have more to say.  “The Blizzard” (hahaha) of 2010 has come and gone in the blink of an eye, at least in Manhattan.


I’m not doing anything for Valentines Day.  Does this bother me.  Nah…although it does mark the first time I ever stripped (in public…ha).  How many years ago….WOW….I can’t believe how long it’s been.  I plan on chilling out and maybe cracking open my bottle of  that I’ve had in my fridge for awhile….All I’m going to say is that it better be good…I paid enough for it.


Random facts you may not know about me…or really care about…but I must write about SOMETHING must I?

I hate wearing lots of makeup.

My most expensive piece of clothing is a pair of sweatpants.

I drink a liter to two liters of seltzer water a day.  I’m addicted to it, and it’s done wonders for my complexion.

My distant cousin is Amy Frasier, tennis pro.

I’m a horrible insomniac, who’s highly sensitive to caffeine.

I have tendonitis in my left arm…even though I’m right handed.  Every morning I wake up and it’s stiff….when I try to sleep on airplanes, I feel it tense up as I attempt to drift into slumber.  It’s weird.


I hope that Howard Stern gets on American Idol…that would be totally awesome!

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