New York City Blizzard of 2010…

I laugh at “the blizzard” of 2010, because growing up in Omaha, Nebraska this is nothing compared to what I experienced there.  Titling this snowfall in the “blizzard” category is laughable from a former Nebraskan’s point  of view.  It is HIGHLY annoying though.  I do not like lots of snow and cold.  I was also supposed to be in the freaking desert this week, so I get a little annoyed when I think about how warm it would’ve been there…but whatever.


I don’t have much to say today except I’m holed up in my apartment, by choice.  Other than a quick jaunt to Starbucks, I’m staying in and working on my various creative endeavors.


This is the most recent pic of me above, it’s from a photo shoot I did the other day.  I’m thrilled because my body, face was NOT photoshopped!  YAY!  For more of Mala’s work check out


I am now going to watch some bad reality television, write, and then perhaps journey back out to get more coffee. Ahh…the life I lead.

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