I’m Dweebing Out!

What I’m about ready to admit to will most likely repulse some of you readers, or make some of you think “Wow…I never would’ve guessed that about her.”

I REALLY really REALLY want to go see Peter Gabriel at Radio City Music Hall!!!!

I love Peter Gabriel.  I admit this.  I do.  He actually came into the old club I worked at about 6 years ago with a vanity cane and told me he was a wizard and his name was Balthazaar or something crazy like that.  He stared off into space.  The DJ and I were the only people who recognized him, we were freaking out, but I was under the impression that he didn’t want me to “out” him.

I’m not a big concert person, there are very few people I’d actually go see live.  I’ve seen almost every musician I’ve admired.  So I think I’ll break down and fork over the cash to see him in concert.  My dad says he rarely performs so it’s kind of a special thing.  I’m just mad that I didn’t go ahead and do that with Lady Gaga…but I’m sure she’ll be around for awhile.  Live and learn… 😦

God, I’m such a dork.  Okay…now for the next news.  This blog is going to change again within the next week.  I know I know.  Lots of big changes happening with Randi Newton right now.  All good…but change is often hard, worth the effort, but hard.

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