All I Need…

My roommate has been out of town for the past week.  It’s been great.  She NEVER goes out of town, although we rarely see each other-who wouldn’t want their roommate to be out of town?  I don’t even know when she’s coming back, I think tomorrow?  I don’t care.

I’ve lived in my apartment here in NYC the longest I’ve lived ANYWHERE my entire life-that’s a strange realization I’ve recently had.  Growing up my family moved around quite a bit…so yeah, I’ve been in my current situation for about 11 years.


My roommate and I are on completely different schedules.  She has no idea where I work, what I do, she knows very little about my personal life.  We both have tremendous privacy.  The last time we had a conversation that lasted longer than five minutes was in December, and I cannot even remember what it was about.  As much as I wish I lived alone, it’s kind of nice knowing that there’s someone close by-in the next room.  It’s oddly comforting.  It’s also really nice that I barely see my roommate.

Man this blog is boring.  I woke up too early today.  I’ll try and write something more interesting later on.

Above is my most favorite song in the whole wide world.  The video is so so.  I wonder if the couple is still together?  I never get sick of this song.  I don’t know why.

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