A Variation of Topics…

Do any of you remember “Doogie Howser MD” and his “computer journal”?  I believe that was the first variation of blogging.


So…what do I think about when I’m at work?  I’ll tell you.  My random stream of thoughts, would most likely surprise people considering my interesting surroundings at my workplace.

Tonight I considered for like a MINUTE about being a cop.  My short lived dream was quickly shattered when I spoke with one of my managers who used to be with NYPD and he told me I probably wouldn’t like it.  I discussed this with a few drunk customers as well.  I want to be a cop that writes tickets for small things like smoking in the subway, or hopping over a turnstile.  Then again, I wouldn’t want people to hate me…I’d want to be the cool cop that would be like, “Hey, don’t do that again…I didn’t see that.”

I told them that I wouldn’t want to carry a gun, and that I would avoid taking certain “calls”, but alas you can’t really pick and choose. 

“Well that’s not a real cop..that’s like a mall cop…a rent-a-cop, like a security guard.”

Suddenly the job lost it’s appeal.  I suggested carrying a fake gun, but I highly doubt NYPD would make any exceptions.  I think I’m more suited to be the type of cop that performs at a bachelor party.

My manager suggested I work for the CIA or FBI.  Again…I’ll just stick to the bachelor party version of those.  You have to take a really long test that I probably wouldn’t have the attention span for anyways.


See the pic above…it’s me and Shauna Sands Lamas, Lorenzo’s ex-wife.  She came into the club a few weeks ago to promote her Vivid DVD release.  She seemed nice and for a moment some people took pics of the two of us.  I feel a bit out of place next to this tan, skinny, blonde woman.  I’m not in my usual uniform, so I look pretty blase.  Time to get a spray tan!


I’m excited.  I think I started a “book club” with one of the baristas at Starbucks.  We aren’t reading the same book at the same time, but exchanging ones that we’ve already read.  He handed me a really lovely worn copy of  “Kavalier and Clay” and told me it was mine to keep which I thought was so sweet of him.

It’s nice meeting people who read real books.  I once attempted to start a book club with Ipod Guy, and gave him a copy of Steve Martin’s “Shopgirl” because it’s barely 150 pages and he said, “Sorry it’s too long.” and complained when I asked him to read the first 20 pages so we could discuss them the next week.  I mean really???

How many people do you need to start a club though?  Is two enough?  I’m saying that it is.

I spend entirely way too much money on Starbucks, but I mainly go for the people who work there.  I like them.  It’s a nice and different form of human interaction for me.


I’m still cranky, maybe cranky isn’t the word…but what does it matter really.  I was supposed to be going to Dubai today…A friend of my suggested I go to the Time Warner Center and walk around for a few hours, take some pics, post them, etc…

“That’s what Dubai looks like,” they said.  “Really fancy like a big mall, but everywhere, just don’t look out at Columbus Circle and I swear you’ll think you’re in another country.”  This person has never been to Dubai, but I suppose they assume it would look like the Time Warner Center.  I guess it’s kind of like going to Epcot and pretending like you’re in another country…but on a much smaller and cheaper scale.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever go to another country.  Like other than Mexico and Canada.  Sometimes I wonder about a lot of things that I may never experience or miss out on.  For now I’ll just go to f’ing Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center tomorrow.

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