This entry is not for small children…

As if anything on Wall Street Stripper would be geared towards kids…but hey, you never know.  Come to think of it…I suppose small children will not be frequent visitors to -I still felt a disclaimer need.

With that said, I received a variety of emails the other day from a woman named Jody giving me instructions on babysitting her daughter, Lily, for the day.  Very specific instructions.  apparently Baby Lily was even going to be dropped off at my house!  Wow! Uh oh…  I emailed her back saying, “I don’t think you have the right Randi Newton.”  I almost told her to check out my blog though.  I’m good with kids, I used to be a nanny if you remember correctly.  Perhaps she had me confused with the teen Randi Newton from Canada.  Who knows.


So in a state of boredom I texted “Ipod Guy”…we’ve barely spoken since the whole incident.  He’s being mean to me and won’t fess up or apologize.  Tonight I thought I’d have a little fun so I texted him this:

“Wanna hang out?”

His response: You can come over and then leave.”

Oooooooh HELL no.  I wrote back: HA-too much effort for so little pleasure.  Do you REALLY think I’m that desperate?”

Note: I’m not desperate I was just BORED and out with friends!

He writes:If you can treat it as a F**K and come over now and leave as soon as your finished. Your call.

I text: HA ha…re read my last text, thanks but no thanks.

He writes back: Eh…forget it.  I mispoke.

You can’t do that?  You can’t diss me after I’ve dissed you!  Well, he tried, so I write back:

Have fun J**KING off with your cat.

I haven’t heard back from him.  I hope his Ipod breaks.  On a side note, I’ve heard that the new Ipad is just a “Really big Ipod Touch”.  Lucky I didn’t buy him one of those!

In all seriousness.  I am a forgiving person.  It takes sincerity and a PROPER apology.

I’ve learned so much already in 2010.  Don’t give people Ipod’s who don’t deserve them, and definitely MOST definitely pay the $60.00 “insurance fee” when you book a plane ticket on 😦

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