The Only Logical Next Step!

I’m sitting in a diner above waiting to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato, onion, and fries…mmm.


So what happens when you plan a trip to the desert that falls through at the last minute?

You take your brand new West Elm credit card that has a $3,000 limit on it, and decide to totally revamp your apartment!


A few weeks ago I was at West Elm.  I do not LOVE West Elm.  I personally consider it a step above Ikea.  I have issues with buying a desk for close to $300, only to realize that I’m supposed to put it together myself…I mean…come on.  It’s a slightly nicer version of Ikea.  If I’m paying THAT much for a piece of furniture it needs to come to me assembled.

I’ve never bought ANYTHING full price at West Elm, and never plan on it.  So last week when I was there killing time and buying some super cheap-o stuff that was on clearance, they asked me if I wanted to apply for a credit card…”Sure!  Why not?”  In just moments I was approved!

So I get the card in the mail a few days ago, and in my bored state of my mind today I decided I’d go in and buy something awesome for myself…low and behold, I didn’t really find anything I liked at all…and certainly nothing that I was willing to max out the card for.  So I left empty handed.  It’s ironic I have two credit cards to stores I don’t even really like, but I suppose that’s a good thing and avoids shopping and debt dilemmas.


My other computer is still broken.  This has turned out to be a very good thing.  I’m rarely online, but more productive in actually writing things, and leaving the house more-even though my spree to West Elm could’ve been disasterous…oh well…at least I don’t have an “Apple” credit card.


Yvette.  I miss you.  This sucks.

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