Boring weekend blog…

So this weekend was pretty un-eventful for me.  In a really great way.  I went to Park Slope to hang out with my good friends and their new baby. I had way too much coffee, not enough food, came home ate a veggie burger, then watched the new Lifetime original movie, “The Pregnancy Pact”.  It was amazing in that Lifetime movie sort of way.  Now I am getting ready to go through a ton of crap and throw some stuff out.  I debated trying to go see Lady Gaga tonight, maybe stand outside, buy a ticket or something..but I didn’t have the energy or patience to bother.

Doesn’t this sound like an exciting Saturday night!  I’ve been in my pajamas since 7:00pm.  I don’t care what people think.  I live for nights that I can simply relax and do nothing but watch mindless television and zone out.


Ahh…Dubai is coming up in less than two weeks.  A male friend texted me asking what I’m up to, I told him I’m going to Dubai.  His immediate response:

“I bet I know what you’re doing there.”

NO I am NOT going to Dubai to be a hooker, or to strip.  For the love of God people.  Can I not simply go visit a friend who happens to live in the desert without being scrutinized-in all seriousness, I do get a kick out of people assuming these things. Anyways.  I don’t really have much news to report.  Hopefully your weekend was a lot more exciting than this blog post that you’ve just read.

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