Timing, exes, travel, etc…

So it’s day two of attempting to surf the net less on my “work” computer…and I must say it’s going okay.  Not GREAT but okay.  If anything, switching from a laptop to a netbook is like trying to squeeze a fat guy into a little coat…not gonna happen, or be very comfortable or happy while doing attempting it.  So the only thing I can do on this teeny tiny screen with ease is blog and use wordperfect.  The TWO very things that I pretty much bought this computer for.  Anything else is a strain.

The timing with my computer breaking is very interesting.  My ex-boyfriend completely reconfigured my old one exactly a year ago.  When things ended between us…and they didn’t end well AT ALL (check out my archived May 24, 2009 entry for the full details), I wanted as little to do as possible with him.  We tried to maintain a friendship, but after an argument that ended with him literally running away from me, and me chasing him through Times Square…I think we both knew that we kind of hated each other.  It certainly was a good  cardiovascular workout though.

I am only in touch with my ex if I have to be…and for the most part we can avoid each other.  However, we know plenty of the same people, and it’s ironic that our lives are oddly parallel.  Our sisters are both expecting their first babies-with an almost identical due date.  We’ve both recently gotten into new relationships that most people would classify as “CRAZY”…but knowing him, and I suppose knowing myself, there’s that extreme element of hope we have that these relationships that have been formed from odd circumstances, will work out for the best.

And wouldn’t you know it…as soon as I hear these updates about his life…like clockwork, that computer of mine he fixed, has completely died and broken down.  Interesting.

Do I wish him any ill will? 

I’ve said this before, and truly I mean it.  I only wish people to get what they karmically deserve.  I’m a firm believer in treating others the way you’d like to be treated.  So to you my ex…and ALL of my exes.  I wish for you to only experience the feelings and emotions that you displayed towards me tenfold.  Some good. Some bad.


It’s weird maintaining friendships with exes.  Unless there are no romantic feelings or feelings of resentment from either party, it doesn’t seem like a platonic relationship can be possible.  At least that’s the way I feel.

Another thing…it’s hard when you see an ex, treat the successor to your relationship, so much better than they’ve treated you.  I see the engagement ring that one of my first true loves gave his-now wife-and I never even got flowers from the guy and we were together for over a year-she got flowers the second date.  Maybe he just knew that something would be different with her, than me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad it didn’t work out with us.  I’m not crying over it.  However the human ego is a fragile thing…it just makes me wonder how chemistry and timing work.  I suppose they work in our favor, but sometimes we’re not meant to understand the whole “WHY” of it all until much much later.


I told my Dad I was going to Dubai today.

“What…?  Dubai?”


Then my mom, “Don’t get into a car with anyone you don’t know.  You should watch that movie “Taken”.”  wow…thanks Mom…I have been wanting to see that movie.  I told her that I’m most likely considered to be too old to sold into sex slavery at my age, but she’s still convinced that it’s possible.

“One of those foreign men, might want a real woman, and you look really good.”  Oh mom!  I’ll be fine.

I don’t even have any fun phots to post on my blog…They’re all on my old computer.  So enjoy this lovely default.

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