Ok, Computer?

One of my laptops broke.  The one that I usually only use for travel and “work”-ie. writing-aka BORING stuff, is FINE.  The one that broke is the one that I use to kill hours upon hours playing on the internet.

I think it’s good timing that it broke.  I need an excuse to NOT waste my time on the world wide web as much as I have lately.  All of my music is on it…but I still have my Ipods, so I’m covered in that department.

Along with this computer malfunction I feel as if my brain isn’t really functioning in it’s full writing capacity as of yet this week. What to blog…what to blog…?


I am trying to figure out what I should bring to Dubai to wear.  Jeans?  Turtlenecks?  Baggy clothes.  I still can’t believe I’m going halfway across the world in less than two weeks!  The farthest I’ve ever been away from New York has been Hawaii…so this should be interesting.


A special thank you to my reader who messaged me from Portugal.  You made my day!

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