Mini Blog…I saw Snookie from the Jersey Shore!

I am exhausted, happy, and going to bed, after a fun night at work.  I’ve attempted to write two other blogs that required too much thought for how sleepy I am.

I will say this.  I’m 100% sure I saw Snookie from The Jersey Shore on the street today getting her photo sketched in Times Square.  Completey with Uggs and an Ed Hardy hat.  I stopped for a moment and debated going to see if I could get a pic of her.  Then I realized that if it was NOT Snookie I could maybe offend this girl.  I kept walking.  Then I asked myself…would Snookie get herself sketched in Times Square?  Immediately I knew the answer would be yes.  Who knows, maybe it wasn’t her.  Once I thought I saw Whoopi Goldberg at a piano bar, years ago, but in fact it was really a man…but I was drunk…

Beyond exhausted and going to bed…check back later or tomorrow for a new exciting blog that’s in the works!

(I’m so tired I’m not even running spell check tonight. Or posting a pic)

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