Mad Men…Season Four where are you?!?

Does anyone know when season four starts?  I’ve recently just started watching this show and it’s just amazing!  I don’t know what took me so long to hop on the Mad Men wagon.


As a former actor- and I say FORMER because as much as I’d still like to pursue an acting career, and that I have invested A LOT of time and energy and money into doing so-the chips simply haven’t fallen in my favor quite yet.  It wasn’t working the way I had expected, so I put my energy into writing, blogging, other interests, etc…you get the picture.

I do not turn down the right auditions, but they don’t come my way as often as I’d like.  I spend more time focusing on writing at this moment…but by all means casting directors…call my agent (Penny Luedtke) if any roles come up you think I’d be appropriate for.  Thank you in advance. 🙂


With that said, as a former actor…the writing on Mad Men is seamless, the character development AMAZING, lots of double entendres. Also lots of good opps for product placement-duh…obviously.  I suggest you start watching this show as soon as possible.

For a completely DIFFERENT form of television in it’s own popular genre-I suggest The Jersey Shore.

To the creators of Mad Men…BRAVO.

To the creators of The Jersey Show…BRAVO.

You have both succeeded with popularity and publicity and ratings.


When I first moved to NYC, over ten years ago, I had a very Don Draper-esque casting couch opportunity. I had sent my photo into an advertising agency looking for females for a pet product industrial, commercial, what have you.  Rather than go to an audition, I was invited to the agency immediately to meet with the very young and attractive “Creative Director”, whose name I can still remember, Brandon.  The “audition” consisted of him interviewing me, asking me about my hobbies, likes,dislikes…it was proffessional-yet he was attractive, tall, dark and handsome-very Draper-esque.  After about 30 minutes he said, “Well, you’ve got the job!  I’ll let you know when we shoot.”

Was it THAT easy?

A few days later my phone rang.  It was Brandon calling to say that things had been pushed back/project on hold, but would I like to grab dinner?  Being put on the spot, I agreed, we set a date…then I chickened out-knowing that something wasn’t quite right about the whole thing…and cancelled via email.  He wrote back a polite email saying that he was leaving the firm at the end of the week.  Perhaps he had tried the same strategy with someone else who ratted him out, and lost his job.  Oh well.  I remember Brandon quite well.  Dark hair, stunning blue eyes.  Hell, I had a boyfriend at the time.  Had I been single maybe I would’ve had dinner with him…who knows…


I think in a perfect world if I could live the life of my fave television shows I watch, it would consist of this:

I’d be a vampire working in advertising, and as a side job probably strip-since that’s a nocturnal friendly position.  I’d also like a personal trainer like Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, however, since vampires don’t eat, and they are technically “dead” I guess a trainer would be counterproductive.

That is all.

Anyone know when season four starts?!?!

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