International Travel! YAY!

Okay so I’m going to Dubai in less than a month.  I’m staying with a good friend.  Since I’ve made this announcement via my social networking sites, I’ve received a myriad of responses.

“Why are you going to Dubai?“-this is the most commonly asked question.

Why not?  I’ve never been outside of the United States other than Tijuana and Toronto…so really Why not? I have a safe place to stay and they have the biggest shopping mall in the WORLD there! It takes four days to walk through it!  WOW! They also have Starbucks there, apparently one is walking distance from where I’m staying!  AWESOME….but in all seriousness-that is not the draw of me finally leaving the country.  I just want to do something fun and exciting and visit my friend!

And NO there are no strip clubs out there…from what I’ve been told.

“You need to be careful!  Dubai is a conservative country!!!”

No shit? REALLY?  I love that people didn’t actually think I took that into consideration when I booked my plane ticket.  Do you think I’m that dumb?  I’m respecting the country when I go there along with their “dress code”.  Seriously, it’s as if you all think I’m going to be running around Dubai in a bikini…come on.


Like the pic above?  It’s of me and my little sis on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we are dramatically posing in front of one of our fave celebrity duos’ stars..(I am being sarcastic).

I dont really have much to say today…check back tomorrow.

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