Should I go see Lady Gaga in concert?…or start traveling the world?

A few things for starters….

First thing: A SINCERE apology to those of you I didn’t see while I was in Los Angeles.  You may be thinking…”I didn’t even know you were there!”  Well,I was and now I’m not…not anymore…I’m back in New York City.

Please don’t be mad or take it personally…Los Angeles brings up a lot of weird memories for me.  I spent most of my SHORT trip with my friend Mala from New York, and my younger sister. I did pretty much everything I wanted to do, and did pretty much everything I usually do while I’m in New York.  Sit around and watch tv and read.  Oh!…and I did work on a pilot as well…

Second Thing:  A SINCERE apology to everyone I annoyed-called-texted-last night after I ate a “special legalized brownie made with love and care in California”.  I certainly did NOT expect that reaction…my oh my…not good…NOT good at all.  At least I slept well.  It certainly was tasty…but the side effects…ugh.  I was going to blog earlier, but spent most of today catching up with the MTV’s Jersey Shore…just think…next year marijuana will be legal in New Jersey.  Maybe it will help calm those shore kids down.


Airport security has really sucked lately.  My friend carried a full size bottle of toner on the plane and no one even noticed.  I didn’t take my laptop out of my it’s protective sleeve, and they didn’t care.  You’d think after what happened in Detroit on Christmas would make a difference with the man who tried to blow up his crotch…but I guess not.


I’m leaving the country for the first time in MY LIFE (well I’m not counting Tijuana or Toronto) in SIXTEEN days.  It’s a long ass plane ride and I’m still in shock from actually having the balls to book the ticket for many reasons.  I’m keeping the location under wraps for the time being, but I will say this much.  I could get arrested for wearing a swimsuit there and making out in public…so needless to say it’s a pretty conservative place, but I’m excited!!!  Why go somewhere “normal” like Paris or London…I’d rather go somewhere totally different and interesting.

So much for getting those Lady Gaga tickets…it was travel or that!

See…2010 is already starting off to be quite an exciting one!

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