A Word to the Wise…and maybe not so wise…

I did not take this lovely pic above…it’s a default on my computer.

I am still away from the East Coast indulging in spring like weather and driving around my douchebag bright blue PT Cruiser.  I feel that a lot of people look at me and immediately judge me in it, and lose respect, but certainly I do not care.  Rental cars for me serve the purpose of getting around in an economically feasible manner and I’m certainly not going to rent a BMW and pretend like I’m someone I’m not.  As I was driving the other day, I looked to my left, and the man in the beemer next to me smiled and nodded…a small sense of validation from someone in a designer vehicle, not judging me for my douchebag blue rental.  David Spade has the identical car to mine I’ve been told, except the convertible version.  Go David. Go.  This doesn’t surprise me.

So as I post this brief blog, my message of the day is this.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  If you think you are trying to pull one over on me, odds are that I’m aware of what you’re trying to do and won’t feed into it.  You think I’m here to entertain you, while you’re in limbo about your current situation…but just think for a second…maybe you’re here for my entertainment and I’m enjoying watching you try to play me.  I’m aware of every little move you’re making.  I’m not falling for the lines, but go ahead, you can pretend like I’m falling for it.  I’m certainly getting a laugh out of it.  So are my girlfriends.


That’s all.  Off to the douchemobile!

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