Beep beep!

I’m currently on a tax deductible vacation/work excursion right now.  Shooting a pilot, and taking some meetings. Part of my vacation includes me renting a car.

I have not had a car in my possession since I moved out of Los Angeles about three years ago.  Now that I’ve rented one I find myself worrying about it as it’s parked outside of the place I’m staying.

I’m sure that people like PT Cruisers for many reasons, and that’s why they’d purchase them…it’s not a car that I’d consider buying, but EVERY time I’ve rented and gotten upgraded to a larger vehicle for flirting, they always give me a PT Cruiser.  Being in somewhat of a hazy state of my mind after my sleepless flight that I was doped up on.  I chose a bright blue car, rationalizing that it would be easy to locate in parking lots and easier to remember…not realizing that driving this car has resulted in other drivers staring at me (who knows maybe they think I’m cute, or an idiot)-and not one but TWO drivers becoming very angry and frustrated with me for safely merging into a traffic lane on separate locations.  I couldn’t help but wonder if it had something to do with driving a really obnoxious bright blue car.

“Why didn’t you get a BMW, or like a luxury car?”  I’ve had a few people ask.

I’ve never been a label whore, I’m incredibly frugal, yet generous in situations other than buying something frivolous.  My first purchase was a $25 sweatshirt from the GAP once I got into town.  Very exciting.  My most indulgent purchase recently (other than my totally awesome tattoo) was the new SONY Dream Machine Alarm Clock that you can play movies on!!!!  Granted I sleep through the alarm more often than not, but I’m a sucker for electronics and overall it’s pretty cool. 🙂

I’m currently in a city that’s laden with vanity plates, designer vehicles, and yes, I am now wondering if it was a good idea choosing a bright blue car, when maybe I should’ve gone with a more dulcet color.  Oh well…I suppose this is my way of making a small impression in such a large city.

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