The After Holiday blahs…

Yes the pic seems to say it all. BLAH.

Holidays such as Christmas/Hanukkah and events such as New Years Eve- lead to a buildup of anticipation of funess…then suddenly it’s over until the next year.  As soon as Duane Reade clears out the Halloween decorations, (this year ON Halloween) up went the Christmas ones.

The three months that lead up to these holidays are for most people filled with excitement, fun and drunken Holiday office parties, Secret Santa gifts, etc…then it’s suddenly over and it’s like…well that was fun.  What’s next?  Then there’s both a sigh of relief and a bit of sadness.  That comes with the dead of winter, most of the pretty holiday lights have already been taken down.  It’s dark and cold.


I went to Starbucks today. My one of my resolutions is to not have as much espresso.  I succeeded today.  I had only SIX shots instead of nine.  Baby steps…little teeny weeny baby steps.

“How was your New Years?” the barista asked.

“Oh pretty low key,” I replied.  “I just watched the ball drop on tv with the family.”

“Yeah mine was too.  I can’t wait for the next holiday, it’s gonna ROCK!!” he said really excited, then paused. “What is the next holiday?”

We both thought about it momentarily and came to the conclusion that it’s Easter.  I’ve never had a rockin’ Easter, but I just realized that I’ll probably have to work Easter Sunday so at least I’ll be around some festive people and maybe have an interesting story or two.

Yes, Valentines Day is coming up…I don’t really consider that a “holiday”.  Wasn’t there some massacre on Valentine’s Day in Chicago by some mobster years ago?

In my post holiday lull I have also developed a mild case of writers block.  I will maintain my blog, as promised.  However, in this time, I have realized that I am most likely NOT taking a sign language course like I had debated while being stuck in a snowstorm.

The most exciting part of my day here in New York City was eating a piece of pecan pie at Ricks with vanilla ice cream.  It was delicious. I also received a West Elm catalogue in the mail, I just simply can’t wait to look through it!

That is all for now.

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