Rules for 2010…

This year it’s my resolution to make NO New Years resolutions…but in saying that…am I making a resolution?

I vow to go to bed earlier-cut back on sleeping aids, which I rarely take to begin with, but still.

I vow to not sleep past 1:00pm.  For those of you who know me.  That’s HUGE.  I’m a night owl (do not mistake this for me being lazy)

I vow to cut down my usage on social networking sites…well…maybe not  usage, as much as loitering on them longer than necessary.

I vow to write more and more.  Not only on the blog, but I’m working on TWO new manuscripts now.  It’s like babysitting two really wild toddlers with ADD.  I think I may have to give one up for adoption, but I’m not giving up on the “problem child” quite yet.  “Wall Street Stripper”, is completed.  Yet…there is not a release date set in stone.  For more information on this email me.

I’m not going to say I want to go to the gym and “get in shape”.  I’m happy with how I look right now…I want to not lose weight, but maintain.  I want to maintain a lot of what’s happening right now in my life.  “Whatever you do…maintain”.

2009 was incredibly exciting for me.  I lost 230 lbs in a year (200 of it being an un-necessary male accessory) bought some nice new furniture for my apartment that wasn’t “assembly required” for once….oh…and I also made the cover of the New York Post, went head to head with Bill O’Reilly, and was interviewed by Gayle King.  That pretty much covers it.

What will 2010 bring?  Certainly I’ve set the bar high for myself having such a bizarre year…the only way to go is up up UP.

The only thing I want to do now is get up to date on “Mad Men” episodes.

Happy New Year.

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