This could be interesting…

The other night I saw “There Will Be Blood” for the first time.  It was good.  Quite good.  I had a friend who watched it obsessively for weeks and weeks when it first came out on DVD.  I didn’t understand then why he did that, and I still don’t understand that now.  It was a great film, but not something I could kick back with and drink a beer watching, over and over again like it was Rocky Horror or some porn.  The same person I mentioned above also didn’t leave his house for a week after Paul Newman died.  Did he know Newman personally.  No.  Had he ever met him.  No.  Was he a big fan of Newman’s?

“I guess I am.” he said to me via chat as he refused to leave his house.

That was a long time ago, and I no longer keep in touch with that person.

What I took away from “There Will Be Blood” was the mild desire to maybe learn sign language.  Note the MILD and MAYBE.  A strong MILD and MAYBE.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that a sign language course is actually quite affordable in New York.  If anything, it would be something interesting to do, an interesting skill to have in my back pocket.  I don’t know…maybe it’s just being trapped indoors for about three and a half days…

“You shouldn’t waste your money on that unless you plan on getting a job using it.” my mom said.  “Maybe you could work at a church though, and sign to people there.”

THAT would take a lot more than a six-week sign language course…I told my mom that maybe a deaf person could be lost in New York, and maybe I’d happen upon them and be able to help.

“How often do you see deaf people in New York?”  okay Mom, point made.  I thought sign language would be at the least interesting and a good way to meet some new people.  Who knows, a hearing impaired person could come into Rick’s Cabaret and I could help them…

We’ll see what happens after the blizzard.

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