A Week in Review…and Tattoo part Deux!

What a week!

I cannot believe the holidays are upon us.  Wow wee!  Lots of fun stuff to blog about, but here we go.  A special shout out to Josh for his fabu article in the San Bernardino Sun about gentlemen’s clubs and the recession with a quote from yours truly.

Still looking for a last minute gift for that special lady in your life?  Wanna help out a poor college gal trying to shimmy and shake her way through a semester?  Sign her up for BOOTCAMP!  Stripper Bootcamp that is.  Rebecca Avalon of www.stripandgrowrich.com , who is one smart cookie who has also been written up in TIME magazine! Go girl!  Click on the links for more information. I’m seriously considering participating in bootcamp myself it looks like a lot of fun!  You can never stop learning about perfecting your craft!

So, my tattoo is healing nicely.  I’ve gotten several different reactions from various people about my recent piece of body art:

A conversation between me and my mother:

ME: Hi Mom what are you doing?

MOM: I’m at Costco with Susie. What are you doing?

ME: I got a tattoo today!

MOM: No you didn’t! You can’t even get your ears pierced.

ME: Yes I did, and it didn’t even hurt.

MOM: No you didn’t, it’s just a sticker, you would never do something foolish like that!

ME: Well…I guess you’ll just see it next week.

MOM: (laughing nervously with lots of shopping noise in the back) I’ve gotta go Randi.

I’ve spoken to my mom a few times this weekend.  The tattoo subject has not been broached.  Don’t worry mom!  You’ll love it!

A text from my sister C.

C: Tattoo? What it’s of?

See…some of my family members accept and know that nothing I do is a shock at this point! Shout out to my sis C!  Thanks for reading!

A text conversation with my friend Andrew:

ME: I got a tatttoo!

ANDREW: I hope it’s not of a cartoon character.

ME: No it’s the name of the new guy I’m dating…talk about a true way to show committment.


ME: Kidding…it’s really not.

Really….a cartoon character?  REALLY?  Do I look like that type of girl to you?

A conversation between me and my bestie Mala:

ME: Andrew thought I got a tattoo of a cartoon character.

MALA: Well, I was worried about that too.

ME: What?!?!


Phone rings, I answer.

JEN: YOU got a tattoo?  REALLY?  You don’t even have your ears pierced.

Girl at Starbucks, reacting to me ordering five shots of espresso over ice:

GIRL: I don’t understand you.  You don’t really drink, you don’t have your ears pierced because you’re scared, but you have a tattoo…is coffee your vice?

Yes…I suppose it is.

Once again I will plug the fantabulous Friday Jones for making my first time getting inked a memorable one.


Anything’s possible in NYC.  Even getting a tattoo on 5th ave.  When I go for it.  I go for it all the way.

Other than that I had the most un-eventful weekend ever.  I stayed in bed, watched Lifetime movies. Finally saw Julie and Julia-(I had no idea that Julia Childs was a virgin until age 40…WOW!) and slept a ton.  I am not ashamed of admitting this.  Snowstorms are the perfect reason to stay in bed all weekend and do nothing but eat and sleep.

I’m off to my company Christmas party….perhaps that will be the topic of my blog tomorrow.  Check back then.


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