My Girl Friday….

I tend to do things spontaneously, yet when it comes down to it and I really think things over-maybe I’m not so spontaneous after all.

I’ve had an idea for a tattoo off and on for about 15 years.  I never thought I’d ACTUALLY get one though.  Every so often over the years I’d think to myself, “Oh yeah…do I really want a tattoo?  I don’t know.”

I think the main thing that had prevented me from getting tattooed was the fear of needles, but after my vanity issues kicked in and I found out that getting injected with botox wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable (yet necessary)…I told myself that just maybe I could handle the “pain” of getting a tattoo after all.

Yet, I still wasn’t 100% sure.

Originally I was ONLY CONSIDERING getting “inked”, my friend was dead set on getting a very specific one and I told her that I’d come along for moral support.  We didn’t want to go to just any chop shop, so I recalled reading about a girl named Friday Jones over the summer.  Her clients range from Angelina Jolie to The Neville Brothers, and MANY others.  Click on the link above to see her site.

So we arrive at the salon, only to find out that my friend doesn’t have enough time to get the tattoo she wanted…yet there was time for Friday to do mine.  So I took a deep breath, and a few sips of peppermint tea, held my pal’s hand and Friday talked to me the whole time while she worked her magic!  She was fabulously fun, nice, and I’d go back to get another one just to hang out with her!  She’s knows how to put anyone at ease and even gave me a hug after we were done!

For those of you who’ve never had a tattoo, I must say I was in complete SHOCK that it was not painful at all.  Growing up my parents basically told me, “Don’t get a tattoo.  They hurt really bad.  REALLY bad.”  Well let me tell you…it DOES NOT hurt AT ALL.  It’s just a little sore.

You’re probably wondering what my tattoo looks like.  I’ll tell you this much.  It’s in a place that can be easily exposed or hidden.  Most likely it will only be noticed if I draw attention to it…and NO I did not remove any undergarments or clothing in the process of getting the work done, (so get your mind out of the gutter!)

Am I encouraging people to get tattoos?  If you’re sure that you want one YES…and ONLY if you do it the right way, which means you must run and not walk to see Friday Jones.  You can’t trust just anyone to permanently alter your appearance.

Now my next project…getting the courage to get my ears pierced.

You think I’m kidding…but I’m not.

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