A Little effort please?

Okay this is another random blog about the subject of dating.

A few months ago I blogged some unsolicited advice to all of the online daters out there trying to ask women out.  I posted this based on some of the….ahem….bizarre efforts that men online had made in contacting me.


There you go!  You can read all about it by clicking on the link.

This blog is for those men out there who ask women out in PERSON….face to face….in real life…not on the net.  The advice I’m going to give is plain and simple.

LISTEN to what a woman tells you.

If a woman tells you that they’re allergic to chocolate ice cream…they’re allergic.  That doesn’t change no matter how many times you ask them, they are still allergic to it.

If a woman tells you: “I’m not eating pizza anymore, it upsets my stomach and my Dr. has advised me NOT to eat it.” for the love of GOD…stop asking her to eat a slice.  If anything it’s a turn off and makes the girl think that you don’t care and that’s you’re not listening to what she’s telling you.

The biggest turnoff for me, is when a guy tells me that he’s interested in me…yet makes little to no comment about anything that I have going on in my life, other than the fact that he wants to take me out or hook up with me, whatever.  I’m assuming that these men do not read this blog, and most of them know that I do have one.  Maybe they do read it, maybe they think it sucks…but my advise to you is that at least MAKE AN EFFORT.

Women are pretty easy to figure out…well kind of…you just have to LISTEN to what they’re telling you.  Okay…this is my rant for the day, and probably the whole week.  Hope you enjoyed!

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