Writing this as I slip into a food coma…..bluhhh…

Well my “healthy lifestyle changes” went out the window today!  I fully gorged myself at Thanksgiving dinner. My mom came in from Omaha and we went to Virgil’s BBQ in Times Square.  Don’t laugh…it’s amazing food and I’ve spent more Thanksgiving’s there than not since I’ve lived in NYC.

We thought it would be fun to go see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  It was…well….spectacular for what it was.  It’s a really great well done, well produced Christmas show.  My mom and I were like, “Oh F’ it!  Let’s just go see it and get it over with!”  The show had live animals in it too.  Like camels and sheep, and even some little people.

Is this wrong?  Whenever I go and see a show, I secretly kind of want something to go wrong.  I kept waiting for a Rockette to fall or kick off beat.  At one point as I was watching the show I actually thought to myself, “Well…I could pull this off, I could be a Rockette.”  It looked easy enough until they got into a tap dancing routine with some major combinations that ended in everyone doing synchronized splits.  I think I’ll keep my day job…Then when they brought the live animals onstage I secretly hoped that maybe a camel would freak out and run off stage.  I even would’ve been happy with an animal taking a dump on the stage.  Just something going mildly wrong.  Alas that did not happen either.  My mom and I discussed this.  I wonder if they mildly sedate the animals.  Don’t camels scare easy?

All in all the show was good for what it was.  Good, clean, family fun.  However it is a CHRISTMAS show.  They don’t really honor any other religions in this show.  So if you’re Jewish, or dating someone who is, I do not recommend it for a date night.  This did bother me a bit…I don’t think it would be hard to incorporate a few drediels or some Kwanza decor into it.  I guess they just want to keep it the way it is.

I’m now slipping off into a food coma…until next time.

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