Diet is just another four letter word…

Happy Monday to all!

If you look through some of my previous blogs,  I know I’ve gone off about weight loss.  The topic of dropping lbs is always in the front or back of the typical female’s mind.

In the past year I’ve lost approximately 30lbs!

I didn’t think I even had that much weight to lose.  Most of it was un-sightly body fat.  I have people asking me if I’ve picked up a drug habit because my weight loss seemed to be so sudden and dramatic, and it’s quite the opposite-I gave up a lot of my unhealthy habits-traded them with good ones- and the weight just melted off.

I don’t really believe in diets.  Yes, I believe that they exist…but if you truly wish to lose weight and keep it off it’s about making a permanent lifestyle change.  If you drink cayenne pepper juice with lemon for 10 days sure you’ll lose some weight, but once you start eating real solid foods, it’ll come right back.  Lifestyle changes aren’t easy, but as with anything that becomes a habit, bad OR good, once you get into the swing of things it’s not so hard to develop healthy eating and exercise patterns.

So please stop accusing me of doing meth in the ladies room.  If anything, I need a caffeine intervention.  I am happy to take a drug test for anyone who doubts my word.

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