End of week recap…and a minor vent.

Great way to end the week!  Thanks to all who came out to Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke!  It was WAY fun…and a super special thanks to by high school pal Ed who made a surprise stop by!  That’s totally awesome!  Thanks Ed!!!

Spost Love fashion show went very well.  I’m really happy and proud for Samantha Post.  For more info on her line…just look on the blog entry below and click on the link for info on where you can get her merchandise.


I’ve been dealing with a myriad of reactions lately from different friends and acquaintances regarding my alcohol consumption…or should I say…lack thereof.  I will not get into intricate detail on this blog.  Basically, I’ve cut back on my drinking.   Some people have had issues with me cutting back on the booze.  I am not comparing MYSELF to this situation, however, imagine this: a chain smoker going down from two packs a day to maybe a puff here and there,and many times not a single puff at all.  I cut back on drinking because it was making me fat, hungover, and depressed.  I was sleeping too much and not doing anything productive.  I had a few incidents that had me waking up with massive amounts of empty bags of potato chips laying around me-in these scenarios I’d usually be alone, half dressed with something weird like with only one sock on and a horrific amount of text messages that I had sent while drunk.

So one day I just woke up and decided to muster up some willpower to cut back, and I have.

Some people have been amazing and supportive since this, and it’s like nothing has changed.  They wouldn’t get annoyed if I were to decide to drink something, and  stop after one.  Others can’t seem to feel comfortable around me not even having one.

I see updates and pics of parties I’m not invited to on various networking sites.  Text messages that I send saying “Hey want to meet up…” without getting a response.  It makes me feel really left out. 😦

I just don’t understand why these SAME people didn’t seem to have a problem with me passing out on their floor drunk, and vomiting in their toilet during a party.  Now they seem to not want to hang out with me that I’m not really drinking. Wouldn’t you want me to hang out with you for once and not pass out on your floor?  I’m certainly a lot more talkative and fun and capable of having a conversation without being heavily intoxicated.  That doesn’t make sense in many ways, but then again it does. I try not to take this personally, but one can’t help it.  Overall…it does sadden me and confuse me at times.  But these same people I speak of don’t even read this blog.

I’m not mad at these people…I guess I’m just trying to understand where they’re coming from…and maybe they’ll consider including me again as part of their group.

I’m not writing this because I’m at a loss for friends at all…but I’m bummed.  I don’t understand the different reactions that people take on when one makes a lifestyle change. Does it make that person question their OWN issues?  Or does it make me appear to be boring?

But you know what…I’m sure I’ve been that person too.  The one who doesn’t know how to process something that someone has shared with me about something positive they’re trying to change about themselves.  Maybe I haven’t been the best friend to those people who have opened up to me  in those situations. If that’s the case…I’m very sorry.

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