The newest thing I’ve seen on Facebook…

So a girl that I knows posted an “invitation to an event”, with her permission I have cut and copied it verbatim from her page, if you are so moved by this titilating cause you can donate at the link below…..And again note this is NOT ME.  I do not need implant replacement surgery!  (I do not have implants).  I could use some new bras though….


Here it is:

Sarah needs a NEW RACK!!!

Start Time:
Friday, November 13, 2009 at 3:55pm
End Time:
Monday, January 4, 2010 at 6:55pm
Dr. Taters


Hello friends!

” T-minus and counting…” So says Dr. Tater at yesterday’s consultation.

I went to see Dr. Tater because my 15 year old boobie implants are starting to feel a lil’ funny AND look a little strange. (In other words,Thelma and Louise are at the end of their life!).
In Medical Terms: it’s called capsular contracter (yikes!) basically the scar tissue is squeezing my “snuggle pups” into weird misshapen Christmas hams! and Louise (my left meatball), is starting to have tingly pain! (If I don’t get surgery, I’m risking a rupture!!). O.M.G.

I’m in need of revision surgery asap and am a few buck-a-roonies short. (Revision surgery is damned EXPENSIVE!)
PLEASE donate what you can to save my bazooms, flappers, dirty pillows, rib cushions, bikini stuffers, tamales….Well, you get my drift!

Give what you can!! $5, $10, $15, $20….Hell, if anyone donates $100, they can cop a feel of my new n’ improved fun-bags!!!

I’ve posted a LINK below. All you have to do CLICK and DONATE.

(I know times are financially difficult, so give what you can…and if you can’t give–That’s OK! Thanks for considering!)



I love how this was posted as “an event”.  One girl created a website to help rid her of credit card debt and got a book deal out of it….now implants!  So anything’s possible.

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