Guess who’s hosting Punk Metal Karaoke??…(me!)

I have been asked (and I must say that I’m freaking FLATTERED and super excited about this!!!!) To host Punk Metal Karaoke on Thursday November 19th at Fontana’s in NYC at 10:00pm.

The cover is a mere $5.00.  That’s cheaper than a drink at Starbucks.

Now before you roll your eyes and say to yourself, “Oh pleeeease!  I HATE karaoke!”

NOTE: this is not real karaoke…in fact this is better than karaoke.  It should not even be called karaoke because it doesn’t involve a karaoke machine or annoying squeaky clean host…it involves a LIVE BAND and ME HOSTING and probably wearing something REALLY sexy. 🙂  It involves cheap beer, drunk women, drunk men, people throwing bras and panties at the stage…I PROMISE you will have a great time.

I will be singing a metal classic that I will not reveal unless you come out and enjoy the show.  Click on the graphic below for all of the deets!


Now you’re probably thinking…”Can Randi even sing?”

Yes.  I can.  Many of you probably have no idea that I am a member of “God’s Of Fire” as one of their background singers.  I’ve been employed as a professional singer…in fact…that’s why I originally moved to NY in addition to acting.  So, I’ve been told I don’t suck.

Please come, and I’ll never ask you to come to anything ever again.  Like my birthday party, wedding, baby shower, etc….

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