A Belated Halloween blog with PICS!…

Nothing says Happy Halloween like a bunch of half naked women running through the streets in slutty costumes.  I spent this Halloween in Los Angeles hitting up the Weho street festival thing, and the Trashy Lingere Ball….so here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment!

I wore a costume appropriately titled “Sexbucks” according to the package it came in…hence my tribute to my love of caffeine!


I guess someone else loves coffee as much as I do!  I ran into this guy on the street and we were very happy to see one another.  His roommate works at Starbucks and gave him an apron and hat to wear…but all he had on underneath was a black speedo!  Ahhh…gotta love the boys in Weho!


Here we are at the Trashy Lingere Ball with the one and only Brett Michaels with a girl wearing a shirt and bra.  My friend Kim, was sexy eskimo (she’s wearing the white bra…the rest of the costume has yet to be found)…


Kim before she ditched part of her costume…we both have spray tans! Yay for spray tans…that is if you’re in a dark bar…if you look at my hand you can see the spray tan lines…boo!


Kim and I entered the costume contest as a likely pair…an sexy Eskimo and sexbucks employee….depsite our dance…we did not win.  Brett Michaels and his girl in panties won.



Our night ended in Hollywood’s Crazy Girls..where I once waitressed (for like a week, then I upgraded to the haunted strip club by the airport…)


Alrighty!  More fun blogs with pics coming soon!  Nothing up’s your site traffic than pics of strippers and hot half naked women!



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