When you’ve gotta go…now you know!

There’s one thing that I really love about New York City, that I take for granted when I go to Los Angeles.  I love walking everywhere.  Sure you can do that in LA.  I tried it once to go to my fave coffee shop in Marina Del Rey, and it took me TWO HOURS.  Driving, it would only take me 5 minutes.  The other thing that’s inconvenient about LA is when you have to use the bathroom it’s a pain in the ass.  Parking, running in some store begging and pleading to use the loo.

So I have a special treat for my New York readers!  A list of NICE public restrooms (well…nice is pushing it…but they definitely serve a purpose).

Starbucks has an open bathroom policy.  You don’t have to “plea to pee”.  So that’s always an option, however with that policy comes the element of the unknown-the employees there often can’t keep up with how messy it gets, and Sbux restrooms also tend to harbor peeps who like to do drugs, or in my case recently, the man in line in front of me who decided to take a dump and do a complete clothing change and he had the balls to ask me how his new sweatshirt looked as I entered the abyss of the lavatory.

Here are my favorite restrooms in New York City!

Midtown East:

Four Seasons Hotel-57th street on the east side.

One of my old bosses took me here and told me that it’s not only a great place to relax in the lobby and work on the laptop, but the bathrooms are amazingly clean, and quiet, you don’t need a hotel key to enter them, as you do with most hotel restrooms in the lobby.  If I gave out bathroom awards I think this one would win it.  Either that or the one in Serafina Restaurant in the Dream Hotel that shows Italian films on the floor and has disco balls.

Midtown West:

Banana Republic in Rockefeller Center:

Quiet, somewhat clean, and during the week almost never a line.  No one gives you “crap” for using their bathroom when you may need to take one.

Byrant Park:

The public restrooms are tiny but work…the one in the grill is okay…but the staff gets annoyed when you use it.

Penn Station and Grand Central.

Always kind of crowded and has an overall depressing and empty vibe.


Bed, Bath, and Beyond AND Gracious Home:

Both are clean enough and serve a purpose.

Union Square:

The W Hotel.

Walk through the lobby, and go up the stairs.  Just pretend like you’re staying there and they shouldn’t question you.  Or enter through Olives-their lobby lounge and pass it off like you’re chilling there.



They have one on the third floor, and another one on another floor that is cleaner and quieter that I cannot recall at the moment.

Do you have any fave public restrooms in the city?  Did I leave any fun and exciting ones out?  Comment and let me know, and maybe this can turn into a series!  As for the public restrooms in LA…I can’t recall any that were super convenient, so Cali friends, feel free to contribute.

I hope this blog was entertaining and helpful and that next time you’ve gotta go…that everything comes out okay!


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