Wifi in the sky…

This is a Wall Street Stripper first!  A blog from 40,000 above!  I just wish I could take some pics now and post them…however it’s nothing fancy, just me sitting, typing, looking out of the plane window drinking some OJ and debating on whether or not to pop another anti-anxiety pill…I’m not a bad flier, but I do tend to let my imagination get the best of me at times. The girl next to me popped two valium and had two Bloody Mary’s….go girl!

I’m all about having internet access in the air.  I can definately see how those two pilots recently got “sidetracked”….here I am trying to blog, and work on my latest manuscript, thinking that it should be cake since I can’t get online to check my emails, Facebook, etc…and low and behold I’m just as distracted and maybe a little moreso because I think the concept of wifi in the sky is so incredibly cool.  My battery is draining rapidly and I’ve got about 4 hours left on this flight…ugh…so much for getting my work done with no distractions.

I think it’s pretty freaking cool though!  A blog from the sky…who knows…I could be flying over your home town as you read this…we just passed Utah.

More later!

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