Happy Birthday Zuz!

I had the pleasure of attending my awesome friend Zuzanna’s birthday party this evening.  I’ve known Zuz for years.  You can catch her on the CW’s hit series GOSSIP GIRL.  Here’s a link to an interview with her:


Here’s a still from a short film we did a few years ago, yet to be released called “A. Express”.  It’s oh so dramatic:


Now, me as usual…being somewhat of a dumbass and reverting back to my “blonde” days forgot to bring a camera to capture photos from this evening.  Zuz took some herself, and I’ll post them when she sends them.

Zuzanna is a very refreshing person to be around.  Happy Birthday Zuz!

A welcome to the DER TAGESSPIEGEL readers from abroad!  Guten Tag for reading my blog!

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